It ain’t genetics, It’s HARD WORK, consistently!

No magic pills, our Sports Performance program is pure hard work, dedication, and smart training. If you’re coachable, WE WILL MAKE YOU BETTER. Designed for youth, high school, collegiate, and pros.

This is also good for competitive adults training for Crossfit, bodybuilding, physique modeling, community fitness events.


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– Purchase the 2-Session per week Sports Performance Training package, you get 1 outdoor Group Sprint Workout per week.

– Purchase the 3-Session per week Sports Performance Training package, get 1 outdoor Group Sprint Class AND One 1 indoor Group Class per week

– Couples/Buddy Discount

– Special Group Discounts Available (Groups of 5 or more AND group must workout at the same day and time)

3 Sessions Per Week | $324/month
2 Sessions per Week | $216/month
1 Session Per Week | $120/month

*Referral Discounts

  • 3 x week: (30% referral discount)
  • 2 x week: (20% referral discount)
  • 1 x week: (10% referral discount)

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*New athletes only.

4-6 Week Personalized Training Programs

Athletic Performance

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