Assisted Membership

Assisted Membership

From: $140.00 / month

This program option is ideal for the experienced individual that simply needs a more effective training structure to complete on their own time. Training plans are custom created by an experienced professional and based on an assessment of skill, level and goals. Training programs are delivered using our custom mobile app and 24/7 gym access is included.


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An Assisted Membership training option gives you the best of both worlds – an on-going customized training plan and 24/7 access to our facility to complete your workouts on your own. And you’ll always get the support you need along the way!

An Assisted Membership includes:

  • Customized training plan based on your individual goal
  • 24/7 Access to the Outright training facility
  • One-on-One session to review new plan updates
  • On-going assessments to check for progress
  • Workouts are programmed and followed through the Outright training app
  • Workouts can be done at the Outright facility or a location of choice
  • Programs can be modified to fit travel, hotel gyms, at-home workouts
  • Plans are updated every 4-6 weeks
  • Weekly check-ins for workout & nutrition accountability
  • Your primary coach is always ready to answer questions


32 pre-designed workouts that include athletic movements, barbel and dumbbell exercises, plus home and travel workouts. Workouts focus on building strength, balance, coordination, power. You'll have a designated coach to answer any questions and keep you accountable!


20sec Challenge

Full Body | Strength Endurance  | Beginner Friendly

This strength endurance outline includes one individual workout designed to target the full body using only body-weight exercises.


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Hamstring Strength

Strength Workout | Gym Equipment Req. | Advanced

Advanced hamstring strength workout designed for the gym. 8 exercises with quick demo videos.


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General nutrition guidance to get you pointed in the right direction.


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Full Body | Track Workout | Beginner Friendly--Advanced

This track workout is good for lactic threshold training which is used to improve your speed endurance for various running events and sports. It’s also great in fitness when the goal is intense interval training.


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Push-Up Gains

Push-ups | No Equipment | Beginner

This is a 30-Day Plan to develop your push-up game. Simple and effective.


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Bodyweight Hamstring Strength

No Equipment | Beginner & Youth Friendly

Includes one workout complete with a warm-up and 4 strength exercises grouped into two supersets. Quick demo videos included.


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