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How Deep Should You Squat?

kay, so you most likely have heard that the ONLY way to squat is full depth, below parallel, ass to grass…whatever you […]


5 x 300m, A Sprint Endurance Workout for Conditioning

If done correctly, this can be a good sprint workout to build a good "sprinting" foundation while also improving your stamina. Why [...]

Box Jumps are NOT a Cardio Workout

According to a recent Duke University study, minute per minute, cardio burns more calories than strength training. However, cardio doesn’t do much […]


8 Reasons Why You Need to Sprint

Do sprints to lose fat, build muscle, improve your health, and live a more excellent life. Sprint training is a powerful tool […]


Community Sprint Workouts

f your goal is to build functional strength, decrease body fat, loss weight or just improve overall health and wellness, this training […]