5 x 300m, A Sprint Endurance Workout for Conditioning

If done correctly, this can be a good sprint workout to build a good “sprinting” foundation while also improving your stamina.

Why is it important to build a good foundation?

  1. Good motor patterning…If you don’t sprint on a regular basis, the likely hood of you injuring yourself is higher, especially when fatigue sets in. Foundation building/conditioning sprint workouts will help you “ease” into sprinting.
  2. Pain tolerance and routine…People love to go from weightroom to all HITT sprint workouts. But guess what typically happens next? They run the sprints so hard, with so little rest, that either they get injured or they mentally shock themselves into a “I hate running” mindset.
  3. Stamina…aka “work capacity“. You need stamina to complete an effective sprint workout. By effective, I mean giving a “quality effort”. Individuals who do sprints regularly have developed a sense of pace to where they don’t necessarily need to time each run. However, you may need to time each rep AND rest period.

The Workout

  1. 5 x 300m (a curve, a straight, and curve) It really doesn’t matter where on the track you start, at the beginning of a straightaway or a curve.
  2. At about 50% effort, run the first 100m
  3. Pick up the 2nd 100m and increase to about 70% effort. Focus on making a smooth transition and focus on the arm motion and staying relaxed while maintaining that 70% effort.
  4. Going into the last 100m, DO NOT HIT THE BRAKES…just let off the gas a little and “coast” the last 100m. “Coasting” is very tricky, it takes time to learn.
  5. Your recovery will be to walk 100m, it should take about 90 seconds to 2mins. Take more rest to preserve running form AND effort. Remember, it’s not a sprint if you’re jogging because you’re too fatigue.