We are proud to partner with the Roots Volleyball organization and offer all athletes volleyball specific strength, power, agility and vertical training year-round!

Last season, out of 99 players, 43% improved their block & approach touches by 1-8% and 51% improved their agility & quickness by 5-20%!

The Outright Fitness and Performance facility is located right around the corner from the Treehouse at 15508 Bratton Ln. Ste 625.  We look forward to training with Roots athletes this coming club season!

Check out all the training programs we’re offering for all Roots athletes!

SUMMER 2024!


Outright training groups for both youth and high school athletes registration is open! Group training sessions will focus on age-appropriate training to improve strength, power, vertical jump, speed.

The Youth Athletic Group is available year-round – your athlete can start anytime! Or you can just sign-up for one of the summer sessions.

The High School summer group training starts June 3rd! Registration and Deadline details below!

Youth Athletic Group – Summer Only

Ages: 10-13, boys & girls
Group Size Capped at 8-10
Schedule: Flexible, 1-3 x per week options
M/T/W/Th at 5-6pm



Youth Athletic Group – Start Now

If you don’t want to wait until June, you can start now.



High School Volleyball Athletes

Ages: 14+ boys & girls
Group Size Capped at 10 Athletes
Set Schedule: 3 x Per Week
Mon/Tues/Thurs: 11am-12:15pm

– Jun 3rd-June 27th: $360 (Registration Deadline: May 20th)
– July 1st – July 25th $360 (Registration Deadline: June 17th)
– Sign-up for June or July or both for 20% off.



Please call or text Erika or David at 512-348-7113 or email at info@outrightfitness.com with any questions.

2024-2025 CLUB SEASON


New changes coming for the 2024-2025 season!  Smaller groups, more individualized training options for 15+.


Semi-Private & Remote Training

In addition to group training options, we have more personalized and customized training options that are offered year-round.

Semi-Private Personal Training: With this option, athletes receive personalized programming, form instruction and guidance during their workout. This is one of our most popular options. Options include 45 and 60-minute sessions, starting with 1 x per week up to 4 x per week. Best suited for athletes 14yrs and older. Learn More


Remote Personal Training: This is a popular option for athletes that don’t live close by or just have busy schedules. Using our training App, we can create and provide the athlete with workouts tailored around their position, goals, injury history, equipment access (home or gym). Contact us for more information and to go through a demo.


Please call or text Erika or David at 512-348-7113 or email at info@outrightfitness.com with any questions.

Our Approach to Training

MINDFUL. We know school athletes often times are juggling the rigors of academics, school training and club practice. We make sure our training compliments their entire workload to avoid over-training and to fill any training gaps. Often times recovery/mobility or movement mechanics are some examples of training gaps.

MESEAURABLE. Our training begins with evaluating certain performance metrics, and reevaluating throughout. All of our workouts are planned, written out, tracked, and progressed.

EFFECTIVE. A lot of programs just implement high volume conditioning disguised as “strength” or “agility” training. We teach and implement long proven conventional, specific and effective strength, power, and athletic development methods.



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