Strong and Sleeveless

Strong & Sleeveless I

Upper Body | Dumbbells | All Levels


This is a strength workout. To effectively train strength…keep a workout log of your workouts. Track the weight used, reps, and sets.  Repeat these exercises weekly and progress the sets, reps, then weight.

Equipment Needed

  • Light and medium dumbbells

Getting Started

  1. Look over the workout below to make sure you’re familiar with each exercise. Click on the red icon to watch a quick demo video.
  2. Complete a 5-10min general warm-up.
  3. Get started!



1A.  Dumbbell Shoulder Press (neutral grip): 12 reps, light-med wt.

1B.  Dumbbell Bent Over Row (neutral grip) 12 reps, med wt.

1C. Rest: 15-60secs

Repeat 1A-1C for 2-4 Sets


2A.  Dumbbell Front Raises: 12 reps, light wt.

2B.  Dumbbell Standing Back Flys: 12 reps, light to med wt.

2C. Rest: 15-60secs

Repeat 2A-2C for 2-4 Sets


C1.  Crunches: 25-50 reps

C2.  Seated Rotations: 25-50 reps (left & right is 1)

C3.  Contralateral Supermans: 5-10 reps each (left & right is 1)

C4. Rest: 0-15secs

Repeat C1-C3 for 2-4 Sets


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