Legs Plyos Core

Legs Plyos Core I

Full Body | No Equipment | Intermediate-Advanced


Strength endurance and plyometrics

Equipment Needed

  • None

Getting Started

  1. Look over the workout below to make sure you’re familiar with each exercise. Click on the red icon to watch a quick demo video.
  2. Complete a 5-10min general warm-up.
  3. Get started!



1A.  Pause Squats: 10-20 reps

1B.  Quick Hops (front & back): 10-20reps (front and back is 1)

1C.  Plank Jacks: 10-20 reps (out and back is 1)

1D. Rest: 0-30secs

Repeat 1A-1D for 3-5 Sets


2A.  Side Lunge: 5-10 reps each side

2B.  Quick Hops (side to side): 10-20 reps (over and back is 1 rep)

2C.  Side Plank w/ Leg Raise: 10-20reps each

2D. Rest: 0-30secs

Repeat 2A-2D for 3-5 Sets


3A.  Forward Lunge (in place): 10-20reps each leg

3B.  Quick Hops (straddle hops): 10-20reps (over and back is 1)

3C.  Alternating V-ups: 5-10 reps (left & right is 1)

3D. Rest: 0-30secs

Repeat 3A-3D for 3-5 Sets


4A.  Side Lunge Hold: Slow 10-15 count

4B.  Quick Hops (skis): 10-20reps (out and back is 1 rep)

4C.  Seated Rotations (feet elevated): 5-10reps each arm

4D. Rest: 0-30secs

Repeat 4A-4D for 3-5 Sets


5A.  Single Leg Squat: 5-10 reps each leg

5B.  Quick Hops Single Leg (front & back): 10-20reps (over and back is 1)

5C.  Plank with Rotation and Reach: 5-10 reps (each)

5D. Rest: 0-30secs

Repeat 5A-5D for 3-5 Sets


6A.  Lying Leg Abduction:  10-20reps each

6B.  Quick Hops Single Leg (side to side): 10-20 reps (out and back is 1 rep)

6C.  Side Plank Crunches:  10-20reps each

6D. Rest: 0-30secs

Repeat 6A-6D for 3-5 Sets


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