Facility Rules & Liability Waiver

Please make note of our batting cage rules below and then scroll down to complete our liability waiver. This helps us provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone in our facility.


1. Covid-Protocols

Athletes and coaches inside the cage have the option to wear a mask or not. Everyone else outside of the cage or walking through the facility must wear a mask. Parents, please consider dropping off your athlete to minimize foot traffic inside the facility. To ensure everyone has a good experience within our facility, please communicate and enforce this with your coaches and other parents.

2. Off-Limit Area

Batting cage rentals are for batting/pitching use inside the cage(s)only. Weight room and workout equipment is strictly off-limits. Turf space is off-limits for batting or pitching practice.

3. Inside The Cage

Batting practice/ swinging of bats and pitching must only take place INSIDE the batting cage.

4. On The Turf

Please be mindful that while we offer batting cages, we are also a gym.  Be mindful of people trying to workout on the turf. Try to only stand/sit in front of the cage your child/player is in.

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