In a world of quick weight loss gimmicks, ineffective workouts, and pain and vomit promoting and inducing workouts, it’s difficult for the general population and even many fitness professionals to decipher the necessary from the needless.

Many people can recite exercises, but most don’t know how and why what fits together. Let alone, the intensity, the load, rest, and progression.

Outright Fitness’ mission is to serve, support, educate and empower individuals to make fitness a lifestyle.

Founded in 2009, we started with a patented mobile outdoor gym concept designed to serve fitness conveniently to communities around the world. Outright Fitness grew from providing outdoor fitness solutions to creating an indoor fitness and athletic facility headquartered in Austin Texas. We now serve thousands of individuals of all demographics within our facility and remotely through our customized personal training app.

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1st U.S Utility Patent (2009)

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