Is Online Personal Training for You?

Is Online Training For You?

I am going to list a few ways to know if having an online personal trainer is for you. But first we need to define “online personal training”. Online Training is the alternative to having an in-person personal trainer. Generic streaming workout such as p90x does not qualify as online personal training.


Online Training comes in many different formats. Email is a common way to send workouts. Zoom and Skype style formats allows for trainer led workouts through video functionality. And the most modern and powerful delivery method of online training is with a mobile app.


So, you do not waste your time and money as well as the trainer’s, I have outlined a general list from my years of experience.


#1: Motivation
If you are the type of person that can go on a walk or jog in the neighborhood, you have self-drive. If you can take yourself through some stretches in your living room, you have self-drive. If you go to your local gym on a regular basis, you have self-drive. If you do any of the above without the “need” for an entourage, then you will do great with most forms of online training.

If you “need” a lot of external motivation to exercise, you will do better with a live video platform.


#2: Bad with Tech
Anti-technology? There are some people who only use tech when they have to for work or another necessity.


Do you prefer a phone call rather than text or email? Do you stay away from social media? Are the only apps you have on your phone, factory installed? Do you still prefer writing letters versus email? If you answered yes to these questions, an in-person personal trainer will be best for you.


But, if you are a savvy smartphone user, a mobile app platform will give you the best experience. Unless you lack self-drive.


#3: Frequent Traveler
Get a workout program that travels as you travel. If you are always on the go, an online trainer is a great option when you need professional fitness guidance. Having an in-person personal trainer that you only work with occasionally, can be inefficient. Instead, you can augment your in-person trainer with programming you can take with you. The beauty of using online training is you have generic and personalized options. A generic program can be good if you wanted to do the minimum. Choose a personalized option to get a program custom tailored. A personalized program works in line with your goals, changing environment and equipment access.


#4: Cost
Personal training can cost $50-$100 per hour. Online Training can range from “free.99” to $19.99 for generic printable workouts. A generic Skype/Zoom group workout may cost $39/month. And personalized options can range from $150-$300+/month.
When considering cost, consider what your goals and needs are. If you do not need a lot of guidance or structure, then a generic option to get you active may be sufficient. Go with a personalized option if you have specific wants or physical restrictions.
Also, if you are on a tight budget, consider using a personal trainer intermittently. Enough to get you going for a few months, then try to keep up the routine on your own for a few months.


I hope this information helps you choose the best online personal training option. There are a lot of fitness professionals out there eager to help you along your fitness journey. Reach out to a few and get a chat going. Remember, the goal is long-term sustainable results!


Best wishes!