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Sprint Training

Benefits all sports.


Specialized sprint workouts is a graduated step above general fitness boot camps.  Sprinting along with other fast twitch exercises, compliments various active lifestyles such as endurance runners, triathletes, crossfit athletes, weight lifters, and of course it helps just about everyone achieve or maintain a lean body composition with the proper nutrition.

Continue doing  your other training groups and integrate 1-2 sprint workouts into your routine. 

  • Try your first sprint training workout FREE
  • To attend a workout you need to only register through my ONLINE CALENDAR.
  • Group size limited to 10 athletes
  • MAKE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE according to what I have available and what works with your regular fitness routine Outdoor Sprint & Strength Group
    • Austin High school’s track (1715 Cesar Chavez Blvd)
    • Murchison Middle School track (3700 N Hills Dr.)
  • COST

Youth Speed Development

Speed for all sports


My training approach to athletes 12-17 is based around creating and sustaining a positive, professional and productive athlete-coach relationship. I design training programs in a way that works in conjunction with the dedicated student-athlete’s school or club. My programming focuses 100% on linear speed development and all the subsequent things that entails, which includes proper nutrition, coordination development, running mechanics, and strength/power training specific for speed development.

*I do not program strength training beyond body weight or light weights, for athletes under 14.

I work with a few athletes at a time for maximum effectiveness, so my availability is very limited.

Please email me first, before purchasing: david@outrightfitness.com

All new athletes will go through a O.T.A (orientation, testing, and assessment).

  • Who: Athletes 12-17 who seek to develop and improve linear speed
  • When: Athletes can schedule training any time I offer “Semi-Private” training. Please click the following link to view my online calendar. View my online calendar
  • Where:
    • Indoors: Sharp End Athletics Performance Training Facility | 10508 Boyer Blvd.
  • Cost: (4) Training Sessions: $120 Pay Now or Pay-What-You-Can

They workout. We Train!

Personal Training

Train with the best


I’ll accommodate your schedule if I have the availability. I can come to you or we can meet elsewhere. The indoor location I primarily utilize is Sharp End Athletics Performance Facility located at 10508 Boyer Blvd.

I do not offer personal training sessions in quantities fewer than 6 weeks. I have experience training high profile clientele. I can provide you with letters of recommendation upon request.

  • Rate: $55-$95/hr
  • Email me if interested: David@outrightfitness.com


Semi-Private Personal Training means there may be 2-4 other individuals who I am supervising on different individualized programs. Show up at anytime and day within my “Semi-Private” training blocks of time and stay as long as it takes to complete your workout.  Programs are structured in 6-9 week progressions.


As a business, you know your most valuable asset is the people on your team. Improve and nurture the health and wellness of your employees, you’ll see the benefits through increased moral, productivity, and a decrease in healthcare costs. I currently manage and operate corporate wellness programs. I can provide letters of recommendation upon request.

  • Please email me if interested. David@outrightfitness.com

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"Thank you so much for what you do for us, David...You take us to another level..."

Mark Cunningham

"Thanks for all the training coach. We wouldn't have meet our (injury free) goals without you!"

Ben Daniel

"When I started  in 2009, I couldn't run 100 m without stopping. In 2010, I finished my first 1/2 marathon relay. I ran 6.4 miles without stopping at all."

Randi Chavez