Sprints and Performance Training Austin

AFM Fittest 2014

Sprints Performance & Fitness

Austin Fit Magazine’s Fittest 2015

Train with former U.S Marine, current track & field sprinter and currently one of  the Fittest in Austin, David Braswell and team.  

  • 90-120mins, part instructional/workout

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What We Offer

Sprints Performance & Fitness

Sprints Performance & Fitness

Small Group Sprints Based Training

We believe sprint training improves fitness & performance.  Specialized sprint workouts is a graduated step above general fitness boot camps.  Workouts are structured around 60-400m training.

Continue doing  your other training groups and integrate 1-2 sprint workouts into your routine. 

  • First workout is FREE
  • Group size limited to 10 athletes
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Sprints Performance and Fitness

Youth Speed & Agility Development

Semi-private training for athletes 11-17.  Training programs are designed in a way that works in conjunction with the dedicated student-athlete’s school or club.

  • Schedule workouts anytime during “Semi-Private training” on the online calendar.
  • Sharp End Athletics Performance Training Facility | 10508 Boyer Blvd.
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Training can be scheduled at a preferred location or at Sharp End Athletics Performance Facility located at 10508 Boyer Blvd.

We have experience with high profile clientele and professional athletes.

  • Rate: $55-$95/hr
  • Contact: Outright@outrightfitness.com


Semi-Private Personal Training with individualized programming.  Make your own schedule. Programs are structured in 4 week progressions.  First assessment free.


As a business, you know your most valuable asset is the people on your team.  We currently manage and operate corporate wellness programs and can provide reference letters upon request.

A Glimpse at What We Do

We believe sprinting and athletic performance offer unparalleled physiological benefits.

We specialize in performance training and we also connect the community to short-mid distance running and performance events.

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"Thank you so much for what you do for us, David...You take us to another level..."

Mark Cunningham

"Thanks for all the training coach. We wouldn't have met our (injury free) goals without you!"

Ben Daniel

"When I started  in 2009, I couldn't run 100 m without stopping. In 2010, I finished my first 1/2 marathon relay. I ran 6.4 miles without stopping at all."

Randi Chavez