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Thank you for looking into our sprint training programs.  Sprint training has a surplus of scientific research to support it’s effectiveness in both improving sports performance as well as lower body fat composition while supporting and developing muscle.

Outright Fitness builds training programs with sprint training as the primary method of training while also integrating strength, power, and stamina.  These programs are not meant to be an “end all be all”, they should be integrated into other activities such as a weight lifting, cycling, cross-country, cross-fit a triathlon/marathon program, or a regular fitness routine.  Results comes from workout consistency, intensity, and effectiveness.

A special note to those coming from fitness boot camps:

Fitness boot camps are good fitness programs and often times good starting points.  Our sprint programs are a graduated step above generalized fitness boot camps.  You should sign-up for our sprint programs only if you feel you’re physically and mentally ready to increase your workout intensity.  You may integrate our sprint workouts into a fitness boot camp program, another  program, or use our sprint program as your primary method of training.

If you sign-up, we hope you take complete advantage of each workout by not being afraid to be uncomfortable, competitive and complete exercises that you feel you’re not good at.  ‘

Past & Present Celebrity Clients & Affiliate Organizations:

Actor: Sam Rockwell

Supermodel: Hope Dworaczyk

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