24hr Gym Access

Training Resources:

  • Artificial turf space
    • Great surface for jumps and other plyometric movements
    • You may wear cleats
  • Bungees
    • For resisted movements such as sprints etc.
  • Squat Racks
  • Olympic platforms
  • Treadmill & bikes
  • Sleds, plyo boxes and more…

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Semi-Private Training

After a full fitness assessment and/or athletic evaluation, you will be placed on a 4-6 month program with 1 workout, 2 workouts, or 3 workouts per week. All programs are custom tailored to best help you reach your goals safely and effectively.

Semi-private training has many advantages over large group training and even personal training.


  • More economical than personal training
  • Large group workouts prioritize the group first, semi-private is personalized for you
  • You create your own workout schedule
    • Using our online calendar (click here), you can schedule your workouts any day/time that is available, each week.

We’re simply the best when it comes to improving explosive power and speed.

We offer a program that teaches and develops correct mechanics and movements. Our Sports Performance Training is designed to help youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes perform at the next level in any team sport including softball, soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, track and field, etc.

Our coaches are educated, have an extensive training history, and first hand experience to take you/your athlete to the next level.

  1. Three Workouts Per Week (ideal for the best results): $324 | Buy Now
  2. Two Workouts Per Week:  $216 | Buy Now
  3. One Workout Per Week (great for busy school/club schedules): $100 | Buy Now

If your goal is to build functional strength, decrease body fat, lose weight or just improve overall health and wellness, this training option is great for you.

At no additional charge, we also have the cool option for you to access and track your workouts from your phone via our custom App!

  1. Three Workouts Per Week: Ideal for the best results. $225 | Buy Now
  2. Two Workouts Per Week:  $150 | Buy Now
  3. One Workout Per Week: Great for busy school/club schedules $70 | Buy Now

4-6 Week Personalized Training Programs

Athletic Performance

Improved Health & Weight Loss

Team Pricing

  1. Team Pricing for 1
  2. Team Pricing for 2

*one-time payments