Why Run?

Erin January 14, 2012 0

You should run a 5k.

Marathon season is heating up in the Austin area as runners gear up for the 3M Half and then the Livestrong Austin Marathon and so there are so many great races this time of year as we head into the spring months. If a marathon is not for you (can’t say it’s for me either!) you should still consider signing up for a smaller race. Races in Austin are, simply put, just fun to be a part of. You’ll get a shirt. That’s legit. There’s also live music, freebies in your race bag, food, drinks, prizes and events after the race. There are the elite runners, who finish the course while the rest of us are only half way completed, all the way to families, strollers, dogs, and corporate groups who leisurely jog and even walk a good portion of the course. There is a good chance you will run into someone you know, and you’ll get to take in some great Austin scenery that you’ve sped past countless times in your car but you may have missed or never appreciated. As the sun rises, the race courses will wind through downtown Austin, funky South Congress, the historic and beautifully tree-lined streets of Tarrytown and North Campus and you’ll gain an entirely new view of and appreciation for the city.

image via The Austin American Statesman

It’s a great tradition to start with your kids, friends and significant others. Personally, the Bun Run, Capitol 10K and Turkey Trot are some of my favorite races, not just because they’re big Austin events but because my first memories of them involve running with them my dad in middle and high school. If you make it fun for your kids, challenging them to see how far they can go, sticking with them at their pace, it can be a great tradition and a great way to share an enthusiasm about fitness with your family. The Capitol 10K is noteworthy for the many creative and obnoxious costumes that can be spotted throughout the race. You don’t have to be a serious runner who plows through six miles in order to enjoy the race buzz with a couple friends in goofy, coordinating costumes. I’ve seen Mr. and Mrs. Packman, grocery bags, the Frost Bank Tower, cows, M&Ms, hot dogs…

You should give it a shot.  It’s fun to feel a part of a big, active Austin event. If you’re doubtful, sign up and challenge yourself to see how far or fast you can go. Sign up with a friend who will chat with you and keep you moving; go get breakfast afterwards with your race number and shirt on, feeling accomplished and like a true Austinite.
Here are some upcoming races:

Lifetime Right Foot Run 5K
: January 15
The Gorilla Run 5k : January 21
Pints for PRs 5K : January 21
The Color Run 5K : February 4
Save Muny 5K : February 5
Is 3 miles too long or are you looking to mix things up!? Triple Crown Track Meet : January 22

Let me know if you sign up for one, and I’ll do my best to join you!


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